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A collection of bugs

Technical Support & Bugs about 1 year ago by newcoda
newcoda Commented on Apr 07, 2019:


  • If an item is in a container and has a quantity more than 1 -- then transferred

  • The item is transferred

  • But it is also duplicated in the origin container

  • Example: Item of quantity 2 and is transferred. The origin container still has 2 items but they are split. The item still ends up in the intended place.

Text Box

  • The format bar stays when you scroll down, but when you use it once -- it disappears

  • Tab/Spacing formatting isn't saved

Regional Map

  • Maybe not a bug? But when a cartographer player edits hexes, it defaults to invisible (cause a bit of confusion the other night)

  • I am not sure if this is intended or not, but the hidden from players button feels like it should only be visible to the GM?

Random Minor Stuff

  • Icons on the character stats page don't seem to line up well?

  • Its super minor but I figured you should be aware

  • Spacing in general for text boxes and stat boxes are frustratingly off. Again this is minor to the point of ridiculous but things don't quite line up for text.

newcoda Commented on Apr 07, 2019:

Follow up -- the transfer item issue. It doesn't transfer properly.

Try transferring items with quantity stacks, from inside hidden containers.

Pasting inside a text box send the browser to the top of the page (maddening when dealing with large text boxes).

Updating an item

  • Changing a detail of an item (example: Its name) and changing its container location at the same time does not update the container. The detail change saves but the container change does not. Going back to change the container only, does save.

  • I am not sure if transferring items is working at all. I havent been successful in moving an item from GM inventory to a player.

Lithxe Commented on May 02, 2019:

I am double checking all these today, sorry for the delay newcoda! c:

Lithxe Commented on May 02, 2019:

Hello newcoda!

Ok I have tried the following regarding items and containers, all with success:

// Transferring an item with a qty other than 1

// Transferring into a container with qty 1 and other than 1

// Transferring out of a container with qty 1 and other than 1

// Transferring to and from a secret container

// Editing an item name and container together

If any of these are still not working properly for you please let me know, but it looks as if those bugs were fixed at some point along with other things!

I will look at the other bugs as well :) Thank you!