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Adventure Journal image

Suggestions & Feedback over 1 year ago by Absintheminded
Absintheminded Commented on Mar 31, 2019:

Would it be possible to tweak the Adventure Journal image to be more of a "thumbnail" image that sits to the left of the brief?

Currently it sits above the brief and takes up quite a bit of room, it would be nice if it sat to the left of the brief in a much smaller area so as to allow seeing more of the Journals on the one page.

shunni Commented on Apr 01, 2019:

Thats a neat idea, let me put that into our dev list and see what we can do.

Absintheminded Commented on Apr 02, 2019:

Awesome, thanks.

David Commented on Apr 15, 2019:

Yes please. The huge image is an eye sore. I'd love to just have a small clip of the photo, then they can click on the journal entry to just see the true image and post.

Ice_Miller Commented on Apr 25, 2019:

Yes, I agree with this suggestion. Thanks for listening.

Erdrix Commented on Apr 29, 2019:

I would like to add the ability to sort entries as well.

Lithxe Commented on May 17, 2019:

We will be making some updates to the adventure journal as part of 1.4! I will get all these suggestions in, I completely agree with the header image :) Thanks everyone!

Absintheminded Commented on May 17, 2019:

Thanks Lithxe :)