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Anyone Using an External Character Sheet?

General Discussion 7 months ago by SonnicDrummer
F53573b8cd341b1a6973ff5b508e91ab SonnicDrummer Commented on Aug 08, 2019:

I still haven't been able to get my group together to actually play using Chronica yet, but I'm just curious if anyone is using external character sheets, whether it be paper or Beyond intead of building the characters here in Chronica?

Artboard 3@3x Proteger Commented on Oct 19, 2019:

Hey! I'm using D&D Beyond for all of my players character tracking and Chronica for our campaign and NPC tracking! The only thing I ask players to bring over to Chronica is more of the RP types stuff. Background, Motivations, etc so I can easily meld that into the story.

I've found that adding links back to the character's D&D Beyond Page makes managing it all pretty easy.

Default avatar Aragorn Commented on Dec 01, 2019:

Thanks Proteger, great idea!!!

Photo 20 2 18, 11 43 02 am DerHerzog Commented on Jan 06, 2020:

I love this...

Dsc 0112 SandDragon86 Commented on Feb 26, 2020:

Yes Great way of doing it.