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All Thread Categories Technical Support & Bugs [FIXED] Argh! Just lost all go my "Places" in one go!

[FIXED] Argh! Just lost all go my "Places" in one go!

Technical Support & Bugs 5 months ago by Wayne_Ingram
Headshot instagram Wayne_Ingram Commented on Sep 29, 2019:


I've just deleted a top level "place" which I assumed would make the next level down become the top level. Instead it deleted ALL of my places (nested within it) that have taken tens of hours to put together - without warning! Is there any way of recovering these!?!?

Any help would be great... incredibly demoralised :(

Screenshot 2019 04 18 at 07.03.55 jexjthomas Commented on Oct 03, 2019:

I accidentally did this as well -- thankfully it wasn't my top-most top-level place, so I only lost two sub-places. But it seems very strange to me that the sub-places should be deleted rather than just re-assigned (or un-assigned, as it were)

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on Oct 06, 2019:

Hello @Wayne_Ingram, we are so very sorry this happened! We have text in the confirm dialog that states that nested places will also be destroyed, but we realize this confirm dialog is often overlooked and clicked too quickly. We are changing this functionality right now (will be in a hotfix patch this afternoon) to not destroy nested places, and instead just remove the parent and adjust the nested places as needed. I realize this will not help your situation with your deleted content, but it will prevent it from happening in the future. I will send you an email shortly to see what else we can do to help. Thank you!