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Assigning a Shop Owner

General Discussion 9 months ago by MurderHobo
MurderHobo Commented on Oct 19, 2019:

"Assign a shop owner by going to the character profile page, then click "New Connection" under Character Connections. In the modal window, navigate to the third tab "Shop Connection" and complete the form.If you assign a shop owner, that character will appear on the shop front for extra flavor and story."

These are the directions to assigning a shop owner. There is no CHARACTER PROFILE PAGE? I think the directions need to be a little more on point.

Im going to go click through every link and hope i stumble upon it... anyone know where i can find this?

Proteger Commented on Oct 19, 2019:

Hey! I had to hunt around a bit for this too. It is a little backwards. Instead of assigning an owner to a shop, you have to assign a shop to an owner.

Navigate to the NPC you want to add at the shop owner -> Hit view full profile -> Click new connection -> Click the Shop Front tab -> Select the shop you want him to own.

Not too bad once you know where to look, but it is certainly hidden :)

Hope this helps!