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Assigning Quests to Specific Characters

Suggestions & Feedback 2 months ago by Boris114
Boris114 Commented on Jun 04, 2020:

So far I love this system! But my first bit of feedback actually deals with the Quest system. I would love to be able to assign quests to specific players if we are playing one on one and without the rest of the party. Allow us to select specific characters then have a "entire party" option as well. Or having the ability to multiple characters and not just one or all. I hate to think that the other players would be able to look up the quest and find out exactly what is happening to their cohort. This also makes it easier for other characters to take their own charges and not feel like they have to follow the rest of the party every step of the way.

Lithxe Commented on Jun 16, 2020:

This is on our list already! :) Will add your vote to this feature!

Undead_Ichi Commented on Jul 27, 2020:

add my vote as well pls