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Battle Maps?

Suggestions & Feedback 11 months ago by Minzknight93
Minzknight93 Commented on Aug 08, 2019:


I skimmed through the forums and didn't seem to find what I was looking for so I though I would try here.

Is there any plan to have a system for battle maps so that encounters don't need to played out theatre-of-the-mind?

Or is this a feature that I just somehow have overlooked? I love the region maps, but my players right now are very tied to using battlemaps, which has me hopping back to roll20.. It'd be awesome if that last thing were included in here (and if it already is please please please show me how!)

Anywho, love this site and keep preaching it to anyone looking for an online platform to run a campaign.

Thank you!

Lithxe Commented on Aug 15, 2019:

Hello! :)

We feel we compliment Roll20 rather than replace it. :) We see Roll20 as our tabletop (minis and battle placement) and Chronica as our 3-ring binder and pen and paper. Eventually, a ways down the road, we would love to be a one-stop shop that includes an interactive game board, but at the moment that is not our focus. We keep your campaign organized and data visible to your party! I hope this answers your question, if not please let me know! We hope we can still provide a great set of tools you need to run your campaign.