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Campaign Calendar

Suggestions & Feedback 6 months ago by Mouldsgame
Mouldsgame Commented on Feb 18, 2020:


I'm in love with Chronica, I signed up this weekend and I've spent the last several days moving all my notes from Google docs over. I'm really looking forward to using it at our next session and how much smoother everything is going to run because I don't need to switch between different google docs and browser tabs. However there's currently no way to track the passage of time within the app and in my current campaign I use the downtime system extensively but I also use a certain number of date triggered events that happen regardless of the players actions

I've been thinking about this a lot tonight and I think the way it might work best would be to have three sections.

Calendar Set Up: This section would be where you set up the calendar. I would break this into four areas, the first area would be where you set the number of months, and the starting year .

In the second area you would set up the individual months giving them a name and number of days.

In the third area you would set up the seasons, There would be a drop down to choose the number of seasons and from there a number of input boxes would appear allowing you to name the seasons and choose the starting date for each season.

The last area would allow you to set up leap years. In this area you would choose the month the number of leap days, the month(s) they fell into, how often they happened and a starting year.

Event Management: This section would allow you to put entries on the calendar. Ideally you would be able to create your categories like Holiday, Festival, Battle, etc. You would also be able to choose a starting date and how long the event lasts. Each event would have the normal GM Only flag, as well as the notes and DM secrets boxes.

Time Management: This section would be used to advance the passage of time. There would be two options on this section, the first to advance by a number of days. The second to set the date to a specific day.

And that's it. Thanks for reading. I think this would be a great tool especially for DM's using any sort of downtime system, or are trying to track the passage of time.

Candlebrew Commented on Feb 20, 2020:

+1 I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! As someone who developed a calendar for my system, it would be AMAZING to use this instead of trying to manually label it. I would also request that perhaps there would be some sort of easy informational block that's easy to find or prominent, stating what day it is, what month, what season, and any holidays that day. That way players and DM at a glance don't have to search for it on the calendar.

Also, perhaps there could be a way to integrate this with journals? It'd be absolutely amazing if I could just easily flag our journal notes for what day they took place in the campaign. And conversely, journal entries would show up on the day when looking at the calendar? Maybe even in the aforementioned little "blurb," there could be a "this day last year" or something linking to journals from that day.

Lithxe Commented on Feb 27, 2020:

These are all amazing ideas, thank you! We have plans to overhaul our Events feature in patch 1.7 ( and because of a lot of good feedback we are going to implement in-game event features as part of that patch. (custom calendars, etc) I moved all your ideas into our dev notes for patch 1.7 :)

JTDimino Commented on May 20, 2020: