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Campaign Prompts

General Discussion over 1 year ago by Lithxe
Lithxe Commented on Mar 19, 2019:

I thought it might be fun to start a thread of campaign prompts to get the juices flowing for you GMs. I'll start with one below, feel free to comment with yours, can be long or short in between! We wrote this one for our dummy campaign for our website screenshots:

The Shattered Soul

Can you mend the shattered soul of a god?

Great shards of what appears to be some sort of crystal have crashed down from the heavens, scarring the earth and sundering cities and forests. Many lives have been lost, anyone still missing is presumed dead. The crystals dropped without prejudice, destroying large bustling cities and small villages alike. The broken splinters loom up out of the earth like strange jagged mountains.

In the wake of the destruction, strange groups and religions have begun forming around the appearance of the crystals. These cult-like groups have become fanatical and dangerous.

You awaken suddenly after an incredibly vivid dream of your deity. "You must gather the pieces" they had said. "You must find a way to gather the pieces."

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Wyrmgear Commented on Mar 19, 2019:

A Broken Cog

You wake in the morning, groggy from a night spent with good friends and strong drink. Reaching to shut off the alarm blaring you to wakefulness, your hand collides with.. a knife?

A combat knife, thrust into a ceramite nightstand? A nightstand, it must be pointed out, that sits nestled deep in the heart of a Steward's Halcyon-Class Interrogator. Only one of the most secure prison ships currently plying the Drift, operated by possibly the most elite security forces known to the Pact Worlds! How... wait... there is something.... something pinned to the unobtrusive piece of furniture. It is a small, metal card. Emblazoned upon the card, tone-on-tone, and neatly bisected by the knife, is the image of a cog. And scrawled across the card in what must be... oil (?) one word. "Help".