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Cold Invite

Suggestions & Feedback 10 months ago by Bretticus
Bretticus Commented on Sep 22, 2019:


Is it in the plans to create a cold Invite tool so new GMs can invite people as potential players?


Love all you do...


Lithxe Commented on Sep 27, 2019:

Yes! We actually are working on this already. We will be making it easier to invite users who are not yet Chronica members. It will send them a link via email and they will be able to click and join your campaign automatically. This will help streamline having to bug friends to join then inviting them, etc etc. We are having a little trouble getting the links functioning properly but it is in development.

Thank you! :)

Bretticus Commented on Sep 27, 2019:

Sounds awesome!



ShahynRox Commented on Nov 02, 2019:

Would be great to have the possibility to "show" a campaign to selected friends who are not part of the group. I have several DM-friends asking me to show them my running campaign as they think about introducing a campaign manager for their groups too. Would be best to have this via a link which has a predefined expiration period without any editing rights. Those "guests" should not appear in the players-board or be visible for the players. This "guest-list" should be visible for the campaign-admin only in a special list/register which offers the possibility to manage (kick, invite) those guests individually.