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"Game Setting" cross campaigns

Suggestions & Feedback over 1 year ago by Porthos
Porthos Commented on Mar 27, 2019:

I love what i am seeing here.

I do have one concern / suggestion:

I am creating a short Starfinder campaign to let my players try it out.

It seems that all the ability/stats/features i build for the setting (STR,DEX,CON.. EAC KAC.. etc) is contained to this campaign. I am concerned that if they really would like the system I would need to build a new campaign if the setting and have to re-enter the common settings manually.

It would be nice to be able to build a "Game System" that can be used for multiple campaigns that use the same setting with the same rules.

The way I see it there would be 1 major drawback to this.. the potential to for copyright infringement. A possible work around would be that part of the GM settings that is non-exportable. Everything else could be but not the system and therefore the bulk of the campaign that would be exportable would be story elements basic values?