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Hidden NPC Character Connections still visible

Technical Support & Bugs 2 months ago by Candlebrew
Candlebrew Commented on Mar 30, 2020:

When an NPC is labeled as a secret, then added as a character connection to a player's main character profile, the name itself is hidden, but an edit button is still shown. If the player then clicks the edit button, it will reveal the notes and name of the hidden character.

Notably, if a player views another player's character profile, the edit button is of course not shown, but a blank space is still shown, which indicates there's something hidden there.

Ideally, neither of these would be visible at all to players, or else there could be an option for relationships to be labeled as "secret" so that way they can be toggled if the player who owns the character can see them or not.

Lithxe Commented on Apr 03, 2020:

Thank you so much, will look into this one right away! :)