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Inviting Players

General Discussion about 1 year ago by Nyx
Nyx Commented on Apr 16, 2019:

There should be a way to generate invitations by e-mail or a signup link. Searching by the handle they set for themselves is pretty inconsistent.

shunni Commented on Apr 24, 2019:

Hey Nyx, we will take a look at other options for inviting players. Ill put this on the dev list!

Ice_Miller Commented on Aug 02, 2019:

Hi Nyx and shunni,

Any progress on this feature? I'm looking to invite some of my lazy gaming buddies and they are complaining that I don't have a link to give them... What is the fastest/easiest way to invite someone from the real world into Chronica?


jexjthomas Commented on Aug 05, 2019:

I agree with this. A sign-up link would be fantastic.

Lithxe Commented on Aug 15, 2019:

I moved this into our current patch 1.5 list! We are looking into a "generate invite link" button that would automatically add them into your campaign upon sign-up. They would still need to create an account in the process though!

For now they need to join here:

Then you can invite them into your campaign with their username, or if you add them to your friends list you can select them from the friend dropdown to add into campaigns. They will not need to "accept" any campaign invite or anything once you add them they will be in the campaign. It takes about 30 seconds to make an account, it's a very short form. :) (We have similar lazy buddies though, I feel for you)