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Item Catalog / list

Suggestions & Feedback about 1 year ago by msf0021
msf0021 Commented on Jun 14, 2019:

First, awesome system you guys have going here, love using it! It would be great if, as you create items for the shop, they go into a standard list or catalog of items and then as you create the individual shops / taverns / weapons smiths you could simply pick from the catalog. At the moment, creating the same item over and over is time consuming.

I apologize if this has been posted else where, I did look before I posted.

Thanks again!

jexjthomas Commented on Jun 15, 2019:

This would be wonderful.

jexjthomas Commented on Jun 18, 2019:

Another way of looking at this would be the ability to create "persistent" items. Having to remake the same items time and time again doesn't make much sense; it would be much easier if, like msf0021 suggests, items you create are saved and then can be assigned--either to a shop or a player's inventory.

Lithxe Commented on Jun 19, 2019:

Hello! We do have this suggestion on our dev list! Currently we suggest using the GM inventory as a "master list". Our GM creates everything within his inventory and then you can transfer those items out wherever they need to go. This is at least a decent workaround for now. GMs are able to transfer items into shops, encounters, player inventories, etc.

msf0021 Commented on Jun 19, 2019:

Thanks for the feed back Lithxe, and the interest jexjthamas, I'll work with the GM inventory as you suggested and wait for fix to come around. Once again, thanks for a wonderful product!

jexjthomas Commented on Jun 19, 2019:

Good tip on the transferring. So I had made a shop as my "master list" basically; I don't see us actually using individual shops, at least right now, but maybe down the road. However, I was not aware of the "transfer" function. I'm able to transfer things from the shop into my players' inventories as well as into another shop. This works well enough for now, since I won't have to keep remaking items, but I am glad to hear that a master list/persistent items are on the list.