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Moving content from one campaign to another...? Image/Media-folder?

Suggestions & Feedback 8 months ago by ShahynRox
ShahynRox Commented on Oct 29, 2019:


As I am planning to set up a second campaign I am interested in copying texts/images/places/NPCs from one campaign to another. Is there already an easy option for this functionality?

It would be really handsome if images could be loaded into a separate image-library/folder which contains ALL images/media used in my campaign (or even better: all campaigns!) and from where I pick the image I need to import it into a journal-entry, NPC-portait etc. Now, if I want to use the same image several times for example I have to import it each time anew, right? So a lot of server-space is wasted for those redundant images and I have to make a lot more clicks to get the result I need.

Greetings, ShahynRox

Lithxe Commented on Nov 01, 2019:

Hello ShahynRox!

We will be adding more to the campaign cloning feature we have, but places and NPCs are not yet part of that. We love your idea of an image / media library, we will discuss how we could implement this in a future patch! Though yes right now you must upload it into each place.

ShahynRox Commented on Nov 02, 2019:

Thank you for this insight! Sounds very promising!