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NPC Codex Compact View

Suggestions & Feedback 2 months ago by tro1984
tro1984 Commented on Apr 01, 2020:


Is there a way to make compact view the default(or at least have the site remember you were in in) for the NPC codex? I've only got 14 NPCs thus far, and the normal view is already kinda clunky for me to have a quick overview of them as I run. Even if I just do a quick edit it reloads back to Normal view.


Lithxe Commented on Apr 03, 2020:

Hello @tro1984! :) You can do this by editing your Player Settings and toggling the "Change default view setting on NPC Codex to compact?"! Access player settings by going to Player Dashboard > Edit Player Settings in the top right of your campaign. The setting is per-campaign and per-player, as everyone has varying preferences.

Let me know if you still need any help, thank you!