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NPC codex- dead or alive status

Suggestions & Feedback 7 months ago by Aragorn
Aragorn Commented on Dec 04, 2019:

Dear Team, could you consider to use a more evocative flag for the dead/alive status for all NPC in the Codex? For example, a skull rather than a red cross for "dead" and something like a heart rather than a green tick for "alive"? And a bit bigger than the current ones? Or even a red cross covering the dead characters and a green box surrounding the living characters? Or possibly both options, with the possibility of customization?

Best wishes,


Lithxe Commented on Dec 05, 2019:

We are updating this feature as part of 1.6! :) You will actually have more options to choose from such as Presumed Dead, Missing, etc. I will add your notes regarding the icons and such to our doc for discussion. Thank you for the suggestion!

Aragorn Commented on Dec 05, 2019:

Great!!! Thanks!!!