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NPC Stats as GM Secrets

Suggestions & Feedback about 1 year ago by DasEmu
DasEmu Commented on Jun 22, 2019:

As far as I could see stats for NPCs are always visible to players. I'd prefer if players would not know beforehand if they can win a fight against NPC #3 by looking at their stats, so at the moment I either have to create an Entity duplicate or a second NPC with a link to the original one just for the stats. This seems very convoluted, so having a way to make stats GM secrets would help a lot in keeping track of NPCs and quickly adding them to encounters should a fight break out.

jexjthomas Commented on Jun 22, 2019:

Any set of stats has an option to be "secret." Just toggle that and they should no longer be visible to your players, like so:

DasEmu Commented on Jun 23, 2019:

So in that case a stat is hidden on a NPC, but on a player character it's visible? How do I track special stats on players, like Reputation that I don't want to be visible for players? Hiding stats, stat categories or fields in general should also be possible on a per-entity basis.

The best approach IMO would be something similar (but not as complex with truth levels etc) like the "reveal to players" system in Realm Works. Basically you can add custom fields to any entity (be it a character, a place, a spell, a monster, a quest) and can define for each field if they are shown to players or not with a simple checkbox. That means the GM can already put in all the information they need beforehand and keep it hidden from players and as soon as players discovered it, it can be revealed to them in one click. No need to open menus, pressing edit, then deselecting "secret" and then saving or copy and pasting text from the GM secrets field to the notes field (it's what I'm doing right now and I feel this is a horrible workflow). Just a button on the normal profile view that saves automatically and at best even refreshes player's view if they happen to have a tab of the changed entity open. I guess I'll create another topic with this, now that I think about it.

But at least it's good to know I can hide the fields without having to duplicate all the stats. Thank you!

jexjthomas Commented on Jun 23, 2019:

So what you would need to do is create seperate sets of stats, for example the regular PC ones they can see, and then another that are the stats they can't see, like Reputation, and you just mark those as "secret." You're right though that if, later on, you want to reveal those stats to players one by one, there is not currently a way to do that. I don't see that being a feature that very many people will need, but of course I'll leave it to our wonderful hosts to make the call what features to incorporate ;)

Re NPCs, if you are statting them out as you would a PC, you will need to create a new set of stats separate from the ones the PCs use. If you are statting them out as Monsters, then just set that set of stats to secret.

Here's an example. I'm not playing D&D, so it might be a little different, but shouldn't change much.

So, for my NPCs they all have a set of stats, like so:

I don't really have any problem with my players seeing these stats, even if some of them could seem like "spoilers" or whatever. (Note that in this game, an "evil" alignment doesn't guarantee that a character is an enemy, merely that they put their own needs above others to the extent that they will harm others to achieve what they want.)

However, some NPCs, who I am pretty sure the PCs are going to fight at some point, will also have Monster stats: