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Pathfinder 2nd Edition Template

Campaign Templates 8 months ago by PhyDoesStuff
Christmastarrasque PhyDoesStuff Commented on Oct 07, 2019:

Looking for a template campaign for Pathfinder 2nd Edition? Look no farther!


Check out the access request thread for info on how to get access to this swanky template.

If you request access in this thread, it will be ignored.

Thread Purpose

Post in this thread with suggestions for data to be included, or issues noted with the formatting of data already included in the template.

Data Utilized

The campaign template currently has data populated for the following sections of Chronica:

  1. Character stats

  2. Character abilities

  3. Item Library

There are currently no plans to create Entities entries for all creatures in the Bestiary, since the Entities aren't freely available, and I don't want to get our beloved Chronica devs in trouble with Paizo. Sorry!

Screenshots detailing what the template looks like in action!

  1. The Character Sheet

  2. Inventory (COMING SOON)

Content Included

  1. Core

  2. Pathfinder Core Rulebook

  3. Ancestries, Backgrounds, Classes (Features, Feats, Focus Spells), Multiclass Archetypes, Skill Feats, General Feats, Spells and Rituals, Items

  4. Bestiary

  5. Rituals, items

  6. Lost Omens

  7. Lost Omens World Guide

  8. Backgrounds, Archetypes, Skill Feats, Spell (we love you, snowball), items

  9. Lost Omens Character Guide

  10. Existing ancestry options, new ancestries, archetypes, items

  11. Adventures

  12. Age of Ashes

  13. everything but monsters

  14. Fall of Plaguestone

  15. everything but monsters

Christmastarrasque PhyDoesStuff Commented on Oct 07, 2019:

Version Log

The version log has started getting kind of long, so it's been moved to its own Google Document, which you can read here! Revision dates are missing for releases prior to v2.0, but that really shouldn't be a problem.

Christmastarrasque PhyDoesStuff Commented on Jan 10, 2020:

New major version released! You can find the release notes for v3.0 in our new Change Log document! I've also updated the example Character page image, so you can see what the new stats look like in action!

BE AWARE! This update is a major version for a reason! Lots of changes have happened to stats, which are a core part of the template. Please review the changes before updating to the most recent version of the template.

Christmastarrasque PhyDoesStuff Commented on Feb 01, 2020:

New minor version released! We are now up to v3.1 which includes all things non-monster for Paizo published materials EXCEPT for Extinction Curse and Lost Omens Gods and Magic. Check the Change Log document to see all the things that have happened.

Zwobot Eikwerno Commented on Feb 25, 2020:

Is there a way to set up the template multilingual? So basically adding translations to the existing English entries without having to copy it to a new template? This would make it easier to maintain and update it with new versions coming from your side in the English "master".

Christmastarrasque PhyDoesStuff Commented on Feb 25, 2020:

Currently, Chronica doesn't support multilingual setups for games. That's a great suggestion for a feature, though. I'll suggest it to the devs in Discord, and you should too (via Feature Request under the Help dropdown or via Discord, whichever way works for you), since the devs have said that the more people request a feature, the higher up the priority list it gets moved.

Pathfinder goblin figure bank Greatest_GM_TM Commented on Mar 09, 2020:

This looks awesome! I can't wait to try it out. Can we add monsters for our own use?

Christmastarrasque PhyDoesStuff Commented on Mar 12, 2020:

@Greatest_GM_TM You can add whatever you want into your campaign. I'm just avoiding doing so in the template because I'm not doing this project just for personal use and want to avoid lawyer wrath.