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Quest linked to Places/NPC

Suggestions & Feedback 11 months ago by Ynez
Ynez Commented on Aug 17, 2019:


will it be possible to link quests to NPCs or Places? This would be a really helpful feature.



OldNerdSteve Commented on Aug 21, 2019:

^This! And for Adventure Journals also!

At the moment I'm planning manually make the first mention of a character or place a link back to the relevant page for that NPC/Place, and then in the notes for that NPC/Place put a link back to the Adventure Journal(s) and/or Quest(s) that they are in. But it would be so much easier if there was some way to do this automatically.

Lithxe Commented on Aug 24, 2019:

Awesome idea, let me add this to our list! :) We are always looking for additional connections between campaign objects to make navigation easier. We are also looking into a mention system (where you could type a symbol and it would pull a list for you to link to), but we have not been able to get it working right quite yet. Thank you for the suggestions!!