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All Thread Categories Technical Support & Bugs Selling items from Party Inventory doesn't adjust party wealth properly and doesn't delete the items from the inventory.

Selling items from Party Inventory doesn't adjust party wealth properly and doesn't delete the items from the inventory.

Technical Support & Bugs 3 months ago by AMonkeyWithAFez
AMonkeyWithAFez Commented on May 17, 2020:

When as the GM, I sell any item in the party inventory an I try to sell multiples of that item, it only adds the value of one item's sale price to the party wealth not the total number of items that I sold.

Example: The party negotiated a sale of a number of weapons to an arms dealer. They were able to sell the weapons at a 35% rate of the original price, I used the drop down to choose the number of weapons sold to 39, the original price that was in the box disappears and I enter in the amount negotiated, then hit the sell button. It says sold, marks the item to zero in the inventory list then adds only one weapons value to the party wealth. I have to manually add the actual sale price to the party wealth. I then had to go into the inventory and delete each item they sold to the arms dealer.

I was hoping that it would add the total amount to the party wealth and then remove the item entirely from the inventory.

Lithxe Commented on Jun 16, 2020:

Hello! So sorry for the delayed response, we don't get a chance to hop on the forums as often! ":( When you change the sell amount boxes, that new custom number is the total amount all items will be sold for, not per item - I want to make sure I am understanding what happened with yours - Did you add the sell price for a single weapon?

If you added the total sell price for all weapons together, and it did not add the correct amount of gold to the wealth, please let me know as that would be a bug. If you added the value of a single item, I totally understand how that could be confusing since the quantity dropdown is right next to it - I will write a note to make that functionality more intuitive!

We decided the item qty should go to 0 instead of deleting the item because in our user testing, there were complaints that they had to keep creating new items once they sold something instead of just changing the quantity back up - though I can see if we could add a "Sell and Delete Item" option as well?

AMonkeyWithAFez Commented on Jun 16, 2020:

Hello Lithxe,

Thank you for getting back to me. In the price box, I put the sell price for one item, then I changed the qty to 39. In this situation, the amount of a single item was set to 100 and the qty was set to 39. When I hit the sell button, it only added 100 to the party wealth and only subtracted 1 from the party inventory. It did not add 3900 to the party wealth and it did not reduce the item count to 0 leaving the item in place without a quantity.

I worked around the issue, but thought it may need to be addressed for future use, just in case people sell a large quantity of items and think that their wealth tracker was updated with the correct amount. I was just being careful to track so my players didn’t get mad that their haul of items was sold for 100 and not the 3900 expected.