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Suggestion: Add an easier way to share templates

Suggestions & Feedback 3 months ago by Kyasanur
Kyasanur Commented on Mar 20, 2020:

There has to be a better way to go about sharing templates than the current invite and clone option. Maybe a marketplace or some kind of repository where we can upload and get feedback. Templates are a lot of work. I have been fortunate to have clone a couple of great ones and am currently building one for Legend of the Five Rings. However without a community driven place to distribute these, work is being replicated unnecessarily and potentially new users are leaving, discouraged at the lack of readily available template like in other managers. Please consider, thanks!

Atreides Commented on Mar 30, 2020:

I think so too. I think the Discord channel is a good place to start but imagine people miss good templates all the time. Perhaps in the meantime use a bot or pin ones so we can go through them?

A marketplace is a great idea, to be able to clone from part of the site without having to bother the creator who made it.

Lithxe Commented on Apr 03, 2020:

We have plans for a template catalog type feature that you can go through, unfortunately we have to clear things with lawyers first to make sure we are allowed to make all this content so readily available and "public", as some users implement paid content into their templates. We are most definitely looking into it! :)

Atreides Commented on Apr 03, 2020:

Very smart to check with lawyers!

Perhaps a checkbox that says "Contains paid content, only download if you own said content" And force Template creators to list sourcebooks that the paid content comes from?

I know some people we specifically making the templates with OGL content which was nice of them. I know ROM sites back in the day had a similar disclaimer but I guess thats a bad example lol.