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Suggestions & Feedback 4 months ago by David
0afe5e644b3a1a2423e9d2c261598591 David Commented on Aug 06, 2019:

I know it says more are on the way, I'd love to see a dark / greyscale sort of theme for the broody campaigns next! :)

Do you have a list of what is coming?

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on Aug 15, 2019:

Hello! We do have a list of what we are pondering so far, I believe up next is a horror theme. That one seemed to have the most traction / appeal! We also have on our list: Western, Post Apocalyptic, then we would like to do a more blue hued space theme and just a generic "dark" theme to be opposite to our Classic. :)

Joker large Pollution Commented on Aug 27, 2019:

I love the idea of the themes you've listed so far. A Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk theme would be killer though.