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Suggestions & Feedback over 1 year ago by Brendan
Brendan Commented on Mar 27, 2019:

(NB: I don't know if I should be making a thread or submitting a feature request; I'm choosing the former because I don't want to just start flooding your request queue.)

The following is a list of features/functionalities I'm wishing for as I create my first campaign here (presented in no particular order):

Ability to hide/reorder character fields that appear on the Codex page.

  • Example: My characters' genders aren't especially important, so I'd love to be able to simply not have it displayed on the Player Codex main page. (On the full-detail character page, sure, but on the Codex page it's just unnecessary, which means it's taking space that could be used by more relevant information.)

  • Or: The faction to which a character belongs will be significant, so I'd like to be able to make that visible in the character's entry on the main Codex page.

Add "Cancel" and "Update [element]" buttons to the top-bar of the editing page instead of just leaving them at the bottom.

  • Scrolling all the way down after changing one of the fields at the top of the entry page isn't exactly a hardship, but it can get a little tedious.

Ability to reorder info blocks on Campaign Overview page (and possibly others).

  • As a GM, I'd much rather have the "Next Event" block above "Quick Info" on my campaign's overview page, since that's the more pertinent information for my players.

  • If reordering isn't possible, perhaps the ability to collapse blocks into just their headers? (So "Quick Info" would stay where it is, but the players wouldn't need to see the subscription tier or storage used, as that really doesn't matter to them, anyway.)

Alter design elements campaign-wide.

  • Don't get me wrong: The grey-woodgrain background, the white content blocks, and the dark-navy headers all look nice, but I'd love to be able to be able to at least change the colors of each of those elements. (Custom background images aren't even important; I'd be happy being able to set it to a solid color.)

  • (I realize that campaign-specific theming like that could very well be a development nightmare on the back end, but a guy can dream.)

Hide or move the Group Chat tab.

  • If a banner-element appears on a page, the Group Chat tab ends up overlapping the furthest-right button in the menu.

  • Example: The "City was successfully updated" pushes the city's header down, which means the Group Chat tab blocks roughly a third of the "Edit City" button after I update a particular city.

  • Beyond that, I just think it's a little distracting. If disabling the Group Chat tab isn't feasible, even anchoring it to the bottom-right instead of top-right would be a vastly preferable.

That's it for now (though I'll likely be updating this thread as I encounter more wishlist items).

Thanks as ever!

Edit: Also, looks like nested lists aren't working in the text editor (which is why I made each top-line suggestion as a heading instead).