Adventure Journal

The adventure journal is a blogging feature to record your adventures, discoveries, personal notes, and whatever else you need! Try recording from your character's point of view! The journal can be used for many different kinds of notes or records, especially by organizing posts into folders.

Creating a Journal Post

Once in your campaign, go to Adventure Journal in the left navigation. Click the green "New Journal Entry" button in the top right. You have the option of adding the journal post into a folder to organize them. If there are some folders created already, you will see them in the dropdown. Find more about folders in the next section.

If the "Public?" toggle is set to "No", your journal post will only be visible to yourself and your game master. If it is set to "Yes", your whole party will be able to view the post.

If the "Published?" toggle is set to "No", your post will not be published to the main journal and will be located in the Your Drafts box on the main journal page. Your drafts are only visible to you! The publish date will default to the day you create the journal. You can set a custom publish date to reorder your posts. Posts are ordered by publish date in descending order. The rich text editor allows you to format your journal content. Add links, color your text, and more!

If the "Public Editable?" toggle is set to "No", you (and the GM) will be the only ones able to edit those posts. You can set the toggle to "Yes" to make the post editable by party members in order to collaborate or keep notes together. Make sure only one person is editing at a time to avoid overwriting upon save.

Finally, you have the option to upload an image for your journal. This will appear as a small thumbnail in the corner. You can click the thumbnail for a zoomed view.

Journal Folders

There are two types of folders for journals: "Public Folders" and "My Folders". Public Folders can only be created by Game Masters and are available for anyone in the campaign to use for organization. Folders do not affect individual settings on Journal Posts. Private journals are still private, and public journals are still public. My Folders are only usable by yourself for organizing. If you are not a GM, folders are automatically put under My Folders. Other players can click into your folders, but will only see posts that are public.

If you need to edit your folders, click the blue "Manage Folders" button in the Folders panel on the right of the main journal page. This page gives you access to sort, edit, or delete your folders. If you delete a folder, any posts inside will remain safe, they will just be removed from the folder.