Campaign Shops

Campaign shops are available on any paid subscription tier. Create in-game shops for your players to peruse and make purchases! You can have any number of shops, each stocked with different items.

  1. Shops are useful when you have specific items available or limited quantities on supplies to purchase.
  2. To create a new shop, if you are on a paid tier, and a Game Master, you will see a green "New Shop" button in the top right of this guide, or on the Campaign Shops page.
  3. Click and drag your Shop cards to change the order they appear, or mark them secret to hide them from your players.
  4. Edit your shop and toggle the "closed" option, and the shop inventory will be hidden to players until you re-open.

From the main Campaign Shops page, you can access any of your shops! Clicking into a shop will give you access to the inventory:

  1. Add items to your shop by clicking the "Add Item" button in the top right.
  2. By adding a value and quantity to the item, your players can click the "Buy" button to purchase. (Currencies must be set up for the "Buy" button to appear.)
  3. Items will automatically be added to the Buyer's inventory and wealth will be removed from their funds.
  4. Add containers to your shops to organize items.
  5. Click and drag items within your shop to change their order.

If you downgraded from a paid tier, your shops remain intact, but are not accessible unless on a paid tier.