Encounters are available on any paid subscription tier. Create encounters to plan and track combat or diplomatic situations for your party.

Battle Screen
  1. Track the status of your encounter: Uninitiated, Progress, or Complete.
  2. Add notes about the encounter, including triggers, traps, or any potential outcomes depending on the actions of your party.
  3. Add entities or characters to use in the encounter.
  4. Drag-and-drop the cards to set your initiative order.
  5. Once you add some tracking stats for your entity or character, click the value in the circles to quickly edit them and keep the fight rolling.
  6. You can enter a new value into the stat box, or use a '-' or '+' to change the value. Leave the math to the computers!
  7. Hover over the cards to toggle their combat status, quick-view their profile, or quick-edit some details.

Entities & Characters Screen
  1. Create and add Entities to your encounters to quickly fill them with generic mobs.
  2. Your party's main characters are added automatically.
  3. Add NPCs to encounters to help in the battle!

Loot Screen
  1. Add items to your encounters to quickly disperse loot to your players.
  2. Click the transfer button on an item to send it off to whomever looted it.

If you downgraded from a paid tier, your encounters remain intact, but are not accessible unless on a paid tier.