Getting Started

Welcome to Chronica! We make managing a tabletop campaign easier and more fun for you and your party.

Once you log in, we recommend first going to your account settings to: 

  1. change your username
  2. set your time zone
  3. add an avatar image

You can get to your account settings by clicking the green "Edit Account Settings" button in the top right of your user dashboard. Your username is used to identify you in campaigns and our forums.

With that done, head back to your user dashboard and click the green "New Campaign" button to get started on a new campaign!

Creating a campaign
  1. Give your campaign a name. This can be changed later.
  2. What game system are you using?
  3. If you are running a campaign using a more popular gameset (i.e. D&D 5e), check out our Discord channel #campaign-templates to see if there is a template you can clone. Chronica has campaign cloning functionality, where you can copy data from one campaign to another as long as you are a player. This lets you start new campaigns without having to set everything up again. We have users that are working on templates for popular games for others to clone!
  4. This input is used to help us prioritize features based on the most popular games.
  5. Finally, click the blue "Create Campaign" button to get started.

Setting up your campaign
  1. Once in your campaign, we recommend clicking through the features in the left navigation for a few minutes to familiarize yourself with what is available.
  2. Invite your friends to Chronica and add them as players (or if you would like to set up your game first, skip this step).
  3. Have your players create an account on Chronica:
  4. Once they have an account, players can be added by going to "Party Info" in the left navigation of your campaign, and then clicking the green "New Player" button in the top right. Enter their username, or if they are already on your friends list, you can select them from the dropdown.
  5. A more streamlined way of inviting friends to join is under development!
  6. Next, in the left hand navigation towards the bottom click "Currencies". Setting up currencies will allow you to use other features in your campaign such as buying and selling items, shops, and player or party wealth tracking. Follow the guide on the currencies page to finish set-up.
  7. If you were planning on cloning another campaign's data, now would be a great time to do that! At this time you can clone Stats, Abilities, and Entities. We are working on additional clone options for the future. You can access this feature by clicking the orange "Clone Campaign Data" button on your user dashboard.
  8. Finally, we recommend starting to fill in data as you need it starting with the most important pieces. Maybe your campaign will be traveling a lot and you have a rich world to explore. In that case, start with Places! If your characters will be meeting lots of new people, consider filling in NPCs first. We have additional guides for these features in our Guidebook!
  9. Chronica offers a lot of features, but not all of them might apply to your current campaign. Use what you need, or adapt features however you'd like to make it work for you! As always, we are open to suggestions and feedback. Our Features Request form can be found in the Help dropdown, or right here: and goes directly to our development list. The more suggestions we get for the same features, the higher up it moves on our list.