Items & Inventory

We tried to make inventory and item tracking quick and easy! We offer a multitude of fields including value, weight, quantity, etc. Track as much or little data as you need for your style of play.

You can add quantity, value, description, an image, and tags to denote circumstances like "Identify" or "Sell". If your GM has set up Currency, you can Sell the item with a single click and the value is added to your wealth automatically. Click the Use button and the quantity will be reduced.

Anyone in your campaign can add items to either the Party Inventory or their personal Player Inventory.

When items are in the Party Inventory, your whole group has access to them. Anyone can view, edit, sell, or transfer the item out of the Party Inventory. This makes it really simple to divvy items up after looting. Anything sold from the Party Inventory will deposit wealth into the Party Wealth.

When items are in your personal Player Inventory, only you and the Game Master have access to them. If you sell an item in your Player Inventory, the wealth will be deposited into your own wealth.

When creating an item, if you are on our Knight or Monarch tiers, you have access to our item image library. This allows you to quickly and easily choose an image for your item to make your inventory more usable and look great.

When an item quantity goes down to 0, the item will remain in your inventory but will not be sellable or usable. That way, if you acquire more, you can simply Edit the item to change the quantity instead of re-creating the item from scratch.

To delete an item, either click on the image in your inventory and then click the small red trash can icon button in the modal, or click the green Edit button on the item card and then click the red "Delete Item" button.