Places are available on any paid subscription tier. Create places that are part of your game world in order to track additional story information.

  1. Places can be nested in one another, allowing you to track points of interest from whole worlds down to your favorite inn.
  2. Places can be marked secret, which will also automatically hide all places nested within from your players, so you can continue world-building behind the scenes.

Once in your campaign, click on Places in the left navigation. The card view shows all of your top-level places. You can view the complete list of places with nesting if you click the gray Table View button at the top.

Click the blue "Explore Place" button on one of your place cards to go to that profile. From here you can do a few things:

  1. Edit your place using the green "Edit Place" button at the top.
  2. Add nested areas by clicking the green "Add Place" button within the Places panel.
  3. Add characters from your codexes by clicking the green "Add Character" button on the Characters panel. This allows you to organize where certain characters may work or live, or characters that your players will encounter when they travel to that area.
  4. Add Encounters to your places to track possible combat or diplomatic situations while in a game session.

If you downgraded from a paid tier, your places remain intact, but are not accessible unless on a paid tier.