User Dashboard & Account

After logging into Chronica, you will land on your User Dashboard. To edit your Account Settings or Subscriptions, click the green "Edit Account Settings" button or orange "Subscriptions" button respectively, in the top white bar of the User Dashboard.

The Campaigns panel contains a list of all campaigns you own or have joined. You can access your campaigns by clicking any campaign name in this list. You can also quickly glance to see how many players are in the campaign and what subscription tier it is on. If the subscription tier is in green, the subscription is active. If it is in red, something went wrong with your subscription and it is inactive. If you see a small crystal icon for that campaign, that means you are the campaign Owner. If you see a small "GM" symbol, then you are a Game Master of that campaign.

The Upcoming Events panel shows the next event of any campaign you are part of. You can quickly see the current confirmed attendance of anyone else in the group, as well as your own RSVP status on the far right.

The Change Log panel will show the latest two patches for Chronica. Click the blue "View More" button to see the full change log on our website.

The Friends List panel shows users you are friends with. You can add a new friend by typing their username into the submit box at the top of the panel and clicking the blue "Send Request" button. You can also click the gray "Copy Join Link" button to copy the Join page URL for Chronica to send to a friend. This panel has three tabs:

  1. The Friends tab lists all your current accepted friends. In a future patch you will be able to message your friends from this tab. Clicking the small gray "X" button will delete that friend.
  2. The Pending tab shows any friend requests that are still pending, and the status of that request.
  3. The Blocked tab will show users that you have blocked with an option to unblock them.

The last panel, Latest News, shows the most recent article posted on our website. Click the blue "View More" button to see the full news page on our website.