26.1 Character Stat Types
26.0 Character Stats & Stat Types 26.1 Character Stat Types
Creating a Stat Type

Before you can add any stats, you will first need to add a Stat Type. Do this by clicking the green "New Stat Type" button in the top right of the Character Stats admin page. Types allow you to organize stats into groups for your character sheets.

All you need for the stat type is a name. Click the "Secret?" toggle to hide this type and all stats within this type from players. This will prevent your players from seeing stats that should not be public.

Once created, you will see three buttons in the top right of the stat type panel. Starting with the orange button on the left, "Clone Stat Type and all its Stats", allows you to duplicate the entire stat type with all stats. This is useful for some games that have similar stats for NPCs vs Players, but you want to mark one type Secret to hide it from your players. This could also be useful if you have a basic Stat Type template that you wish to duplicate out for the rest of your stats.

Editing a Stat Type

The next button in the top right of the stat type panel is Edit Stat Type. Click this to open the modal where you can change the name, "Secret" toggle, or delete the stat type.

Delete a Stat Type

Warning: If you delete a stat type, all stats within that type are deleted, along with any data associated with those stats. This means any character or entity sheets using those stats will no longer see them on their profiles. To delete a stat type (and all stats it contains), click the small green pencil icon button labeled Edit Stat Type in the top right of the panel and then click the red "Delete Stat Type" button.