2.6 Dashboard Panel: Friends List
2.0 User Dashboard & Account 2.6 Dashboard Panel: Friends List

The Friends List panel on the user dashboard displays a list of users you are friends with. Add a friend on Chronica by typing their username into the box at the top of the panel and clicking the blue "Send Request" button.

If you would like to invite someone to Chronica, we have an invitations and referrals system. Click the purple Invites & Referrals button in the Friends panel to send and view your invitations. Find our more about this in another area of the guide: Invites & Referrals

The Friends panel also has three tabs:

  1. The Friends tab lists all your current accepted friends. In a future patch you will be able to message your friends from this tab. Clicking the small gray "X" button will remove that friend.
  2. The Pending tab shows any friend requests that are still pending, and the status of that request.
  3. The Blocked tab will show users that you have blocked with an option to unblock them.
View your friends on Chronica, or send an invitation User dashboard Friends List panel