7.1 Edit Player Settings
7.0 Player Dashboard 7.1 Edit Player Settings

Edit your player settings by clicking the green "Edit Player Settings" button in the top right of your player dashboard. Game Masters also have access to your player settings. Your username will appear at the top. You will see an orange "GM" icon next to your username if you are a GM, or a black crystal icon if you are the Game Owner. Click the blue "Update Player" button at the bottom if you make any changes.


Next you will find a text editor for your player Notes. These notes appear on your player dashboard and can be used to keep track of small tidbits of information. If you need a larger platform to keep notes, check out the Adventure Journal instead.

Default Settings

In the next section you can change default player settings for this campaign. Right now the only option is regarding NPC Codex cards. You can toggle this on to load the compact view on the NPC Codex instead of the large card view. These preferences are all personal and apply only to you.

Player Admin Privileges

If you are a Game Master, you will see this last section on the player settings page. Select admin permissions for your player to give them access to various controls in the campaign. To read more about player admin roles, see the Player Admin Roles section of the guide.

Leave Campaign

If you wish to leave the campaign (as long as you are not the Game Owner), you will see a large red button at the very bottom of the edit player settings screen. Click this and confirm to leave the campaign. This cannot be undone. Your Player-owned characters will be moved into the NPC Codex. Your journal entries, journal folders, inventory and items, and personal links will be deleted permanently.

Edit player settings to set defaults and notes Chronica edit player settings screen (Player View)
Edit player settings to set defaults and notes as a Game Master Chronica edit player settings screen (GM View)