6.5 Player Admins Quickview
6.0 Party Info 6.5 Player Admins Quickview

The bottom panel on the Party Info page is visible only to Game Masters. This gives you a quick view of all admin roles set across your player base.

Click the small green "Edit" button to that player's settings. This allows you to change their admin roles and permissions. Click on a player username to view their dashboard.

View and edit player permissions for all party members in one quick table Player admins quickview panel

6.5.1 Player Admin Roles

There are various admin permissions you can assign to your players, read more about them below. You can select multiple roles per person.

Game Master

If you assign someone as a Game Master, they automatically gain all other admin permissions and have access to everything in the campaign including secrets. They cannot see or edit the campaign subscription settings, or delete the campaign. Only the Game Owner can do those things.


Players with Cartographer have admin access to add and edit the following:

  1. Maps and tiles
  2. Places

City Planner

Players with City Planner have admin access to all Kingdom Building tools. They can add and edit the following:

  1. Cities and city stats
  2. City updates and staff
  3. Districts
  4. Plots

Item Librarian

Players with Item Librarian have admin access to add and edit items and containers in the Item Library.

Kinship Keeper

Players with Kinship Keeper have admin access to add and edit the following:

  1. Kinships
  2. Kinship Stats
  3. Kinship Wealth and Caches


Players with Recordkeeper have admin access to add and edit the following:

  1. Quest log
  2. NPC Codex
  3. Character Stats, Abilities, and Flair


Players with Shopkeeper have admin access to create their own shops. They only have access to their own shops. Items sold will deposit funds into their shop till, which can be withdrawn to their player wealth.