13.0 Regional Maps

Regional maps are used to track exploration of large areas by the party. You can make notes, label areas of interest, or mark tiles with colors to denote land owned by various factions, etc.

Creating a Map

Click Regional Maps in the left hand navigation, then you can add a map using the green "New Map" button in the top right. Please note, you must be a GM or Cartographer to see this button.

  1. Choose a name for your map.
  2. Select a number for Grid Across and Grid Down. The higher the grid count, the more tiles you have within your map, and the larger your map will be. Larger maps will take longer to load. You can still tweak this after you upload your map image.
  3. Decide what shape you need your tiles to be depending on your gameplay. You can choose from square, horizontal hexes or vertical hexes.
  4. Upload your map image and click Create Map (it may take a moment to generate).
  5. Click the orange cog on the right to tweak map settings with your image while you can see your map. You can also click the Map View Toggle in the top bar to see your image underneath which may help while adjusting.
  6. The Image Width and Image Height override allow you to manually adjust your image size to better line up with your grid or allow for larger or smaller tiles.
  7. The Top Adjust and Left Adjust let you move your image underneath in order to help line up your grid.
  8. You can adjust the tile size as well. We recommend a minimum of size 100 for best functionality.
  9. Once your map is adjusted, make sure you click the blue "Save Settings" button to save your adjustments.
  10. If you are a GM, you also have access to the Map View Toggle at the top of the page. This allows you to toggle the overlay slightly so you can view the map image underneath. This will also show the content on your secret tiles.

Adding a Map Tile
  1. Hover over a tile on your map and you should see a gray "+" sign appear. Click this to add content to that map tile.
  2. All of the fields within the tile are optional. If you are a GM, you can mark a tile as "Secret". This will hide any content on that tile from your players until you toggle secret status off. This feature allows you to pre-populate the map with points of interest that you can uncover once your players reach that tile.