End of Year Development for Chronica

September 28, 2019

As we head towards the holidays and 2019 is wrapping up, our team sat down and organized our plans. We realized we were working on too many different features, which was slowing down our patch output. We have gone through our entire development list, re-organized, sorted, and planned out our next few patches. Chronica still believes in a flexible approach to updates, so we do make adjustments to these lists as we get feedback, but these next few main features have gotten a lot of votes and input, so we know they are on the top of the list for many of our users.

You can always keep an eye on our Future page here, which we try to keep updated with patch plans!

Right now we are working on wrapping up patch 1.5 which focused on usability updates and general user requests. We have two final updates to go for 1.5; a simplified user-invite and our Item Library.

We are working on a quicker way to invite users who are not currently Chronica members. Game Masters will be able to enter email addresses which will send the user a link to join. Upon clicking the emailed link, their account will be created and they will automatically be added to your campaign.

The Item Library will allow you to create items in your campaign and clone them out into different inventories, shops, or encounters. Containers can be created and cloned to quickly copy groups of items. We also plan on making these item libraries clone-able to other campaigns.

For Patch 1.6, we are focusing on Dynamic Linking and Workflows. A quick overview of patch 1.6 is the ability to dynamically link to campaign objects by typing a symbol in our editors (ex. @John to pull up characters or places containing John). We will also be implementing a campaign-wide search and working on fixing some of our tedious workflows (character stats and abilities).

Patch 1.7 focuses on our Events, Timeline, and Custom Calendars features. We have begun work on these features already, but decided to pause and complete previous features first.

Patch 1.8 will contain updates to Communications. We would like to bring back our Group Chat feature with additional updates, campaign forums, private whispers, etc. By bringing better communication systems into Chronica, we hope to cut out additional apps you may have to use.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our future plans as we are! Thanks everyone for being part of Chronica!

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