Patch 1.5 Roadmap

June 13, 2019

We are starting to wrap up patch 1.4 with additional campaign data cloning functionality. We got a lot done this last patch! For 1.4 we focused on user requests and updating some older areas of Chronica. We added a lot more drag-and-drop sorting, folders for organization, containers in the shops, shop item tags, secret kinships, regional maps overhaul, adventure journal overhaul, and more!

For patch 1.5 we have a mix of new features and updates planned. Please keep in mind our development team is small and we make no promises on the delivery of all of these features, but we certainly do our best to make it through our list.

What is on our 1.5 roadmap:

  • New theme: Space!
  • User setting for time zones to allow the time stamps across Chronica to appear correctly for your preferred location.
  • Nested quests to allow for quests with multiple layers or steps, along with a timeline-looking layout to display these types of quest chains.
  • Creating more / tweaking existing connections to our Places feature to allow more linking.
  • Overhaul of Events and Attendance with great suggestions by our users.
  • Global search inside your campaign to make it easier to find different pieces of information.
  • Activity log for GMs to keep an eye on what is being update, deleted, or added by players.
  • New image library: backgrounds! These would be available for Places, journals, campaign headers, etc, on our Knight or Monarch tiers.
  • Email notifications for GMs to notify Players of certain activity.
  • Credits page to credit our amazing image library artists

We hope you are all as excited as we are for what is coming up. We are always open to feedback and suggestions either through email, our Feature Request form, our Discord, or our forums!

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