Patch 1.8 Roadmap August 12, 2020

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for such a great year with you so far. We wanted to give another progress update on just what we have planned in general for patch 1.8, especially since it feels like we have been on patch 1.7 for ages! :) Read more below to see where we are headed right now.

As you may already know, here at Chronica, we like to keep our development very dynamic so we can adjust directions quickly depending on what our user base is asking for or what they need in the moment. We are also a small team, so development shifts as life happens, but we try to keep everyone in the loop as much as possible. Please always feel free to leave feedback over on our Discord or our Feature Request form. You are also welcome to discuss feature requests on the forums, but please note we respond on the forums less frequently.

In Patch 1.7 we had hoped to finally release our Dynamic Linking feature. While we have made a lot of headway towards this feature, and have a version of it working on development, it is not ready to release on production. This delayed progress on some other items, so for the meantime we have set it aside to get some other updates out.

While it seems like we have been in patch 1.7 for a long time, because we paused the dynamic linking, we have actually been pushing out patch 1.8 updates under the 1.7 name. Because of this, we are officially moving forward to Patch 1.8, and will circle back to dynamic linking throughout development. Patch 1.8 mostly focuses on updating our current features. We have some workflows that are less than ideal (stats or large inventories), that we want to speed up. Another feature we are currently looking into is updating the campaign JSON download file which is currently outdated, and integrating with third party services like VTTs.We also have a lot of great user-requested feature upgrades that will make nice additions to what we currently have such as:

  1. Usability updates to make editing / updating / adding things generally faster
  2. Additional cloning options for campaign data
  3. Additional connections between Places and other features
  4. Filter left navigation to remove links to unused features
  5. Upload CSV or JSON files for stats and abilities
  6. Updated / more usable activity log
  7. Adding folders to play inventories to separate multiple characters
  8. Image library filter or search

With world events pushing more and more users towards online tabletop gaming, we want to make Chronica as usable as possible for a wide audience. We appreciate everyone's patience and amazing attitudes so far as we work to accomplish that goal. We hope you all stay safe and healthy and have a great day! :)

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