What are we working on in 2020?

March 23, 2020

Hello everyone!

We realized we have not posted a news update in quite a while on here. We are much more active on our social media and discord, so please follow us there for more frequent updates!

Last year was our first official year of launch and we have already come so far. We released a major content patch roughly every 2 months, which was fantastic for our tiny team! We have been blown away by all the great feedback and suggestions, and we record EVERY single one of them to review. Many user suggestions have already made it into Chronica, and more are scheduled to come.

This year in 2020 we have already overhauled character stats, implemented profile templates, added player-owned shops and shop tills, a bunch of bug fixes, smaller tweaks, and completely redesigned our guidebook for usability. Coming down the pipeline we are working on dynamic linking. This feature is extremely important to our members and to us, and will make linking to various campaign objects easier by using a symbol to auto-link to characters, places, etc in any of our text editors. This has been requested many times, but required some big updates to the back-end to make it happen. This is our current focus and the next big patch to come out.

The next patch we have planned will overhaul our Events and Attendances feature. We want to get custom calendars, event timers, and a more usable player attendance system. We hope to throw some other fun tweaks and smaller features in with that patch as well.

We are excited to see where Chronica ends up this year, and thank you for being part of the journey!

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