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Content Field Images (Resize)

Suggestions & Feedback about 1 month ago by LimpingNinja
LimpingNinja Commented on Jul 02, 2020:

SUGGESTION: Allow the option to resize images on upload, it's rather tedious to go through a library and resize everything prior to attaching it. It would be nice if a process flow detecting an image to large kicked off a resize.

Lithxe Commented on Jul 10, 2020:

Hello! Our uploader will resize dimensions as best it can to fit things like character portraits and item images, it will display, for example, a 400x400px image, even if it needs to crop it. It will always crop center-center. The only thing it cannot do is if the image file size itself is too large - it will reject the file because it puts a lot of load on the server to be uploading large file sizes. I did put image dimension recommendations just for reference on the forms. I hope that helps!

LimpingNinja Commented on Jul 10, 2020:

Hello Lithxe! I understand you have the image dimension recommendations, I have tons of images and resizing them manually is not something I would like to do for a single site that cannot manage them.

You do know that you can use the canvas to resize images on the client side, right? Additionally there are a ton of JS libraries that handle this as well. I would rather get an extra 200kb library on my side during the initial load and have image resizing handled pre-submit then have to resize tons of images :-)

If you would like some example of how this works, I use it on one of my code projects and would be happy to share. Cheers.