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A Look at 2022
January 17, 2022

Hello everyone! We are excited to look forward to the year 2022. Development was slowed in 2021 due to a number of reasons, and we want to catch that back up in 2022 with some real fun new features! We are currently working on "Developments" and "Custom Calendars", which will allow you to add events that happen in your game in a timeline layout and track other things on a calendar. So far, these "developments" (which are essentially calendar events), can be assigned to characters, quests, places, tagged, and marked private or secret. This gives every character their OWN timeline, or view the entirety of your campaign events in one epic progression. The tags will allow you to filter quickly by things like story arcs or event types.

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A Glance at 2021
March 02, 2021

So far in patch 1.8 we have made some much needed updates to a few of our oldest features. Kinships got an overhaul with stats and new rankings and a cache/vault system. Districts can be further customized with new backgrounds, additional plots, labels, etc. Patch 1.8 also contained a ton of quality of life upgrades like image library filters, wealth tracking logs, multiple character inventory and wealth tracking, updates to containers and shops, and more.

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Patch 1.8 Roadmap
August 12, 2020

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for such a great year with you so far. We wanted to give another progress update on just what we have planned in general for patch 1.8, especially since it feels like we have been on patch 1.7 for ages! :) Read more below to see where we are headed right now.

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Server Upgrade!
June 04, 2020

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for sticking with us through the long maintenance this morning and the couple bumps this afternoon while the dust settled. We have moved all of Chronica onto a more scaleable service, which will allow us to handle more traffic and growth. We also made a lot of back-end updates which are needed in order to finish the dynamic linking patch and future updates.

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What are we working on in 2020?
March 23, 2020

Hello everyone! We realized we have not posted a news update in quite a while on here. We are much more active on our social media and discord, so please follow us there for more frequent updates! Last year was our first official year of launch and we have already come so far. We released a major content patch roughly every 2 months, which was fantastic for our tiny team! We have been blown away by all the great feedback and suggestions, and we record EVERY single one of them to review. Many user suggestions have already made it into Chronica, and more are scheduled to come.

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End of Year Development for Chronica
September 28, 2019

As we head towards the holidays and 2019 is wrapping up, our team sat down and organized our plans. We realized we were working on too many different features, which was slowing down our patch output. We have gone through our entire development list, re-organized, sorted, and planned out our next few patches. Chronica still believes in a flexible approach to updates, so we do make adjustments to these lists as we get feedback, but these next few main features have gotten a lot of votes and input, so we know they are on the top of the list for many of our users.

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