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Factions, cults and religions

Suggestions & Feedback about 1 month ago by scl3retrico
Kkk scl3retrico Commented on Jan 28, 2020:

Hi, I can't find any post similar to this. I'm wondering if are you planning to create a folder for Factions, cults, religions and so on. In the npc page you can see the "faction" note but then on the site you can't expand that anywhere else. It would very very very useful to have something where jot down: beliefs, general knowledge, members, places where members meet etc. with space for an image indicating the symbol of the faction/cult.

Thank you.

Default avatar ZachHunt359 Commented on Jan 28, 2020:

From what I've seen this seems to be handled in Kinships, as it says "Use Kinships to link your characters together via Families, Guilds, Teams, etc.". The character entry 'Faction' seems to be entirely unconnected to anything like that.

That being said, I can't seem to make a character's membership in a Kinship secret - I can only make the entire Kinship secret, which then hides that Kinship on each character page. I'm glad that works, but I'd rather be able to reveal one NPC at a time rather than reveal every secret member of a conspiracy/cult/crime guild all at once.