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GM Notes

Suggestions & Feedback 8 months ago by dylpckl
Islander fisherman dylpckl Commented on Jul 15, 2019:

Hello! I am wondering the best place for DM session notes. Both notes entered prior to the session, as well as recap notes after the session. Perhaps I missed this in the guidebook!

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on Jul 18, 2019:

Hello! I believe most players use the Adventure Journal for this purpose (I know our group does!), you can make a folder in journals called Session Notes or Recap Notes to keep your posts organized in there as well for easy finding. :) If this does not help you, please let me know! Thank you!

Melbw DisjointedImgs Commented on Feb 04, 2020:

I'd still love a GM Notes section within each Journal post so I can put private comments on how that session went or things missed etc.

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on Feb 12, 2020:

This was added with last patch! c:

Melbw DisjointedImgs Commented on Feb 13, 2020: