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Improved Adventure Log Navigation

Suggestions & Feedback about 1 year ago by jexjthomas
jexjthomas Commented on Jun 17, 2019:

Would it be possible to get "next" and "previous" links (or similar) for adventure logs so you can easily read through them in a sitting?

Lithxe Commented on Jun 19, 2019:

Adding this to our list! :) Thank you!

jexjthomas Commented on Jun 19, 2019:

No, thank YOU!

jexjthomas Commented on Jul 06, 2019:

So glad to see this get implemented! I do have one quibble though -- it feels like "previous" should go to OLDER entries and "next" to newer ones, rather than how it's set up now. Does that make sense?

Lithxe Commented on Jul 10, 2019:

@jexjthomas Whoops that does make sense! We were thinking of it as an array, so next was going to the next array value, but you are definitely right!