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Suggestions & Feedback 12 months ago by allenedg
allenedg Commented on Aug 23, 2019:

REALLY love what i'm seeing so far. Very nice!

My biggest disappointment is the map system. Definitely would be nice to link the tiles to useful items...encounters, places, etc... Is that still in the works?

Also, not to mention competition, but i'm really loving how LegendKeeper does it's maps. If this system had a mapping system like that, this product would be by far the best product on the market.

Lastly, i wish we had the ability to create custom tags and search/sort with them.

Loving it so far!

Lithxe Commented on Aug 24, 2019:

Hey allenedg! Thanks so much for checking us out!

I will have to go take a look at LegendKeeper, I am not familiar with it, but I will see what they offer and whether we can get some updates going on our end. :) Our map is one of our original oldest features, so it is still getting updates for usability! We have additional linking coming throughout patch 1.5, I will make sure we get some good map / tile links in.

For the custom tags, would you mind elaborating a little more? Do you want tags you can add to anything or was it meant for a specific feature? We do have a campaign-wide search under development right now that would go through titles / content, but we do not have a tagging system yet.

Ynez Commented on Sep 05, 2019:

That is exactly what I am thinking. The tool ist really helpful to manage my campaign, the only thing I am missing is the map tool.

What I wish is the possibility to upload a map and the put pins wherever I like on the map. The pins should be able to link to content (e.g. encounters, places, ...) or free editing. This way, you could handle city maps, overland maps but also encounter maps and dungeon maps.

David Commented on Oct 17, 2019:

I 100% back this. Legend Keepers map type is stellar. I'd love to be able to upload a huge map and just do pin drops instead of cell based. +1 +1 +1 +1!

Lithxe Commented on Nov 07, 2019:

We are looking into this kind of map feature, as this is something we would very much like to have in Chronica. It is a massive undertaking though, and would take a lot of our resources to develop so we can't make any promises on a timeline for delivery. But letting everyone know, we are looking into something like this.

Aragorn Commented on Dec 06, 2019:

I wholeheartedly support this feature too!!! I am happy to wait as long as it takes!

Aragorn Commented on Dec 11, 2019:

Oh, and provided that along with the pins etc. you are still able to hide specific portions of the map (even by maintaining tiles if necessary!)

SandDragon86 Commented on Feb 27, 2020:

Please please please implement a tagging system. This is so much needed it would make things very easy to search by tag so you could get a list of items that are one handed, Weapon, and Magical of any variation. A tagging system would greatly improve the abilities of Chronica.

Lithxe Commented on Feb 27, 2020:

@SandDragon86, we are working on a tagging system right now, it is under active development :)

SandDragon86 Commented on Feb 27, 2020:

@Lithxe Yippee!!! I can't wait!

Eikwerno Commented on Mar 02, 2020:

+1 adding pins to an existing map linked to content!

Krancher Commented on May 01, 2020:

Awesome, so excited to hear this is coming to Chronica!

JTDimino Commented on May 20, 2020: