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Mass Upload of specifications

Suggestions & Feedback 7 months ago by 33rdBandit
33rdBandit Commented on Jan 16, 2020:


I'm currently trying to add in the entire item database of my groups current system: Fantasy Craft!...then I want to do it again for a couple different systems.

Just doing one of them has been a chore and a half, manually updating each field just about a thousand different items.

It would be much more helpful to be able to upload an excel or equivalent with the appropriate columns filled in for each item type

Anyway, it would save me a crap load of time.

Alllllso, I'd totally pay for pre-generated campaign templates for the big name system

Lithxe Commented on Jan 18, 2020:

Hey 33rdBandit! I saw your note on Discord but wanted to reply here as well. This sort of functionality (mass uploading from a spreadsheet or json) is something we have been discussing, and something we would love to implement, but it is not available right now unfortunately! We have some templates that users have created / are working on, they are usually pretty responsive in the discord #campaign_templates channel or the templates section of the forums. Item libraries are also cloneable from other campaigns, if you get one set up that is reusable for other game systems you are using. Thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback, I already made a note for us to circle back to discussing this feature for our pipeline this year. Thank you!

LimpingNinja Commented on Jun 26, 2020:

I really hope you start adding functionality for API and uploads like this; recently World Anvil got integration into Foundry VTT - very basic integration in that you can copy "Articles" from World Anvil into Foundry. I think this would be a very helpful feature and I would be willing to help as needed on module specifications to get this done from the Foundry side.