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More icons for places? Way to organize icons?

Suggestions & Feedback 4 months ago by Candlebrew
Candlebrew Commented on Feb 18, 2020:

I'm not sure if this is the right place for it, but is there any way we could get a few more icons for labeling places? Here's a few location icons that I've tried to find, only to realize there's not really a good icon:

  1. Village/Town - something like maybe a small cluster of houses? Or even just two or three in a row. My placeholder has been just the single house, but it then conflicts with the other places I'm using the house icon for within it.

  2. Suggestion:

  3. Mine - just a pickaxe would be nice! I've been using the shovel.

  4. Suggestion:

  5. Cave - The mountain has been my replacement for this one. My suggestion would probably be the mountain with a cave entrance shown.

  6. Suggestion:

  7. Canyon/Ravine/Fissure - It's a bit of a stretch, but I've been using the lightning bolt. A super simple option is just some cracks in the ground, but a more detailed one would of course be a canyon.

  8. Suggestion: or ?

  9. Desert - This one I've had no icon for. My reccommendation is a cactus perhaps?

  10. Suggestion:

It'd also be nice if the icons had a sort of visual organization to them. Something like how emojis are sorted perhaps? Even if it's all on one page, rather than tabbed. Something like this:

Loose categories could include "transportation & travel," "tools & objects," "structures & buildings," "nature & regions" etc etc. Would make it a lot easier to find icons when trying to figure out which one will fit best.

Atreides Commented on Mar 31, 2020:

I like your village one! I support the adding of more icons.

Tags for icons would be good. Default tags(categories) and then custom user tags if that want to organize them. Also the ability to upload icons if possible.

Lithxe Commented on Apr 03, 2020:

So sorry for the delay getting back to you on this one! I am a bit behind on forums ^-^"" We pull all our icons from FontAwesome pro, so there are some slight limitations there depending on what they have in their library, but they do come out with new icons all the time.

We have added a cactus! I am looking for similar icons in their library for others you suggested, and will create a request for those if we cannot find something similar. I will also look into tagging or some sort of organization for the icons, especially as we keep adding more. :)