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Party Wealth

Suggestions & Feedback 9 months ago by Shinma
Default avatar Shinma Commented on May 27, 2019:

Is there a way to make it selectable for treasure to be up-converted instead of it auto-converting the treasure? It plays into encumberance, container use etc and if it magically changes all coin to next tiers, encumberance, containers n such are bound to become obsolete. The current game I'm in would have me lugging around 599 cp until I can find someone to convert it up, not just auto-magically while out in the field adventuring.

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on May 28, 2019:

Hello! There is not currently a way to do that but it has been suggested many times so we are moving it up our dev list to look into. :) Currently our group adds any found currency into the party inventory as an item with a weight, then once we get into town we click on the "Pile of Gold" item and sell it so the currency gets added and converted. I know workarounds are not ideal, but it has been nice for us for the time being! :)

Default avatar Aragorn Commented on Dec 01, 2019:

Yes, please, I would love this feature too!!!

Default avatar Aragorn Commented on Dec 28, 2019:

Hello Lithxe, any updates on this feature please? One of my players is not happy to use Chronica for this very reason! :)

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on Jan 06, 2020:

Hey Aragorn! It is on our list, but we have not quite figured out how we want to tackle this yet. It would require completely changing the current currency system which would also affect items and shops. I will make a note to look into it again soon!