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Past Events Inaccessible?

Technical Support & Bugs 25 days ago by Flazz
Default avatar Flazz Commented on Feb 02, 2020:

It seems that past events are inaccessible except for the title and time of the event on the calendar view. Is this by design, a bug, or am I missing something as a new subscriber?

Foxyface Lithxe Commented on Feb 12, 2020:

Hey Flazz! So sorry for the delayed response, past events are not currently accessible, but still in our system. We are doing a big events feature overhaul in patch 1.7 and these events will be available again. I believe you can still access them via the Calendar view, but I could be wrong. ":C

Default avatar Flazz Commented on Feb 16, 2020:

Hey Lithxe! Thanks for the response. Yes, I can see them in the Calendar view, but just the placeholder for the event. However, I do see that the event data is included in the JSON export file, so that helps. I look forward to the events overhaul in patch 1.7. Keep up the good work!